JobKeeper Payment For Self Employed People

JobKeeper payments will be available for eligible self employed people from March to September 2020.
Photo by Joshua Rodriguez / Unsplash

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JobKeeper payments are available for "business participants" or self employed people. That is to say, if you trade as a sole trader, partnership, trust, or company, and you do not pay yourself a "wage", you may still be eligible to receive JobKeeper payments provided that you satisfy the other requirements.

Decline in Turnover Test

Satisfying the decline in turnover test is a key requirement for eligibility.

Decline in Turnover Test Details

One Person Limit

JobKeeper for self employed people is limited to one person per business. This is different to JobKeeper for employees where there is no maximum number of employees that can be claimed.

Active Involvement

There is a requirement that the nominated person is actively involved in the business.


You will need to nominate yourself to receive JobKeeper payments as a business participant. The nomination process is likely to be published by the ATO in the near future.